Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Scripps - Amazon Licensing Deal

The recent success of audio and video streaming services is opening up a new source of licensing revenues for content producers and owners.  Scripps Networks is testing the waters with its first online-only licensing deal, with Amazon's subscription-based video streaming service.  By the end of this week, shows from Scripps' top channels - HGTV, Travel Channel, and Food Network - will be available through Amazon's Instant Video service.  For now, access will be limited to shows from previous years will be available.
"The risk Scripps wants to be careful about is to make sure that it (online subscription deal) doesn't take away viewers from its current shows. The advertising dollars are from its current programming on pay TV, that's the main source of their revenue," (Morningstar Inc analyst Michael Corty) said.
 Comments in earlier announcements suggest a similar deal with Netflix may be in the works.

Source -  Scripps Networks signs content licensing deal with AmazonBroadcast Newsroom

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