Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Apps rule! (among users)

A new study of more than 3500 smartphone and tablet users around the globe has found an overwhelming preference for using dedicated apps, rather than mobile websites, for information.
Some 85% of the survey's respondents preferred using apps, citing their speed, convenience, and ease of use.  The study found that people spend an average of almost 2 hours a daily with apps, twice the time they spent with apps a couple of years ago.  Those factors help explain why global app store revenues are expected to reach $25 million this year (a 62% increase).
  Happiness with apps isn't uniform, however.  Two-thirds of respondents indicated that they had a bad app experience - the app crashed, froze, or returned an error message.  Almost half (47%) had experienced slow launch times, and 40% have tried an app that failed to even open.  Users weren't very tolerant of problematic apps - 79% said they'd try an app that failed initially only one or two times before deleting it.
  Finally, the study found that app ratings were very influential when looking at apps.  84% said user ratings posted in app stores were an important component in their decision whether or not to try the app.

Source -  Speed Wins: Users Favor Apps Over MobileOnlineMediaDaily

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