Thursday, March 14, 2013

FCC Approves T-Mobile/MetroPCS Deal

After the AT&T/T-mobile deal fell through, the U.S.'s fourth largest mobile operator went shopping for a new partner.  T-Mobile's corporate owner, Deutsche Telekom, had felt that the network was not well-positioned to be competitive into the next generation of mobile and sought either a buyout from a larger operator, or merger/acquisition of another midsize mobile operator whose strengths were in complementary markets.  The found a potential new partner in the country's fifth-largest mobile operator, MetroPCS.
  The FCC has now approved the merger, finding that the merger would not have a significant anti-competitive impact on consumers, and could even lead to "the development of a more robust, nationwide network,” according to FCC Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn.  The deal now awaits approval by MetroPCS stockholders before its finalized.

Source - FCC approves T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger,

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