Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ready for Fox Sports 1?

News Corp. recently announced that it will be launching a new major sports channel - Fox Sports 1 - on August 17.  The company looks to leverage its combination of 22 regional sports channels, and niche sports channels (like Speed), into a major national brand.  To do so, it is planning to start with a foundation of 4800 hours of programming, and anticipates being available to 90 million homes.  That will put it in a competitive position with ESPN, although they downplayed that goal.

“We are not trying to beat ESPN,” (News Corp. COO) Carey said. “Sports is a big, huge arena. We’ve proven we can do some interesting and exciting things. We can enlarge the category and bring a new dimension to it. The key to success for us is to build an attractive business that resonates with consumers."
Source - News Corp. To Launch Fox Sports 1, MediaDailyNews

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