Monday, March 25, 2013

Ad spending shifting Online

2013 is looking to be a major transitional year - one where a lot of big changes are occurring in the media landscape.  Here's an interesting table from Borrell Associates on the change from 2012 ad levels and those forecast for 2013 (in the U.S.).
The biggest change is the boom in online advertising - up 17% in the national ad market, and up 30% in the local ad market.  One factor aiding that growth is the success of Google Adwords service, which has grabbed 44% of the global online advertising market.
The table above looks at the share of advertising dollars for various media in the U.S.  The most notable trend is ref;ected in the black line of newspapers, who have seen their domination of advertising revenues fall precipitously, eventually surpassed by the television market.  If you combine TV and cable, they indicate that video advertising now dominates - while radio's share has been fairly stable over time.  The table shows the rapid increase in internet advertising - the downturn in their golden line is for forecast revenues, after pulling out the new media darling for advertisers - mobile. 

If you combine internet, mobile and social advertising, you see that online advertising is set to compete for top share, if not become the dominant media for advertising.  The opportunities that mobile and social media offer for targeting is just starting to be explored by advertisers.  The next few years should see a lot more investment in highly targeted, highly contextual, mobile and social advertising.

Source -  Local Advertising & Online Forecasts for U.S. to 2016,  Borrell Associates presentation

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