Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Prospective milestone: Online video devices outnumber people by 2017

A report from the Broadband Technology Service at IHS predicts that the explosive growth in smartphone and tablet ownership will result in over 8 billion Internet-connected video devices in the world by 2017.  The projected world population in 2017, in contrast, is 7.4 billion.
“In practice, ownership of Internet-connected hardware will be concentrated among users whose homes are equipped with broadband connections,” said Merrick Kingston, senior analyst for Broadband Technology Service, in a press release.
“We’re quickly approaching a world where the average broadband household contains 10 connected, video-enabled devices. This means that each TV set installed in a broadband-equipped home will be surrounded by three Internet-connected devices.”
The growth in 4G mobile services will fuel expansion of basic levels of broadband access, particularly in rural areas and in developing countries.  That's also a key component in the expansion of online video access.

Source - More Internet Video Hook Ups Than People in the World by 2017, VidBlog

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