Thursday, October 10, 2013

Financial Times to cut print in favor of digital

According to a report in the New York Times, The Financial Times (FT) is planning to stop printing regional editions and produce only a single global print version of its daily newspaper.  A memo to employees calls for them to shift their primary focus to the FT's online site.
“Journalists will publish stories to meet peak viewing times on the Web rather than old print deadlines,” the memo stated. “This will require a change in mind-set for editors and reporters, but it is absolutely the right way forward in the digital age.”
The memo also indicated that the website has more people subscribing to it than all of the current print editions, and stressed the need to remain competitive as news consumption is shifting to desktops, smartphones, and tablets.  There was no immediate indication of job cuts or layoffs, but the memo did suggest that employees would need to make "informed choices" about their careers.

Source -  Financial Times to Consolidate Print Editions,  New York Times

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