Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pew: The Demographics behind ABC/Univision's Fusion

Spanish-language broadcaster Univision is working with ABC News on the development of a new cable network to be called Fusion.  Fusion will target young Latinos with a mix of news, sports, and entertainment - in English.  The folks at Pew Research Center have noted 5 demographic trends among US Hispanics that are behind the move.
  1. Latinos are increasingly native born (93% of those under 18 were born in the U.S.); Latinos increasingly prefer consuming news in English; 3. 90% of young Latinos get their news, in English, from TV (and increasingly prefer English-language entertainment and music; 4. Even so, using TV for news is declining among young Latinos; 5. A growing share of Hispanics speak only English at home.

Univision, which actually was the most watched network in the US last July among the 18-49 demographic, has seen some of that success fall as the big 4 brought out the Fall PrimeTime big guns.  It makes sense for them, looking at their trends and what's happening within their demographic, to expand their expertise with their audience and market by supplementing their Spanish-language channels with English channels targeting their audience segment.

Source -  5 demographic realities behind the creation of Univision/ABC News' "Fusion" channel,  Pew Research Center FactTank

Source -  5 demographic realities

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