Thursday, October 10, 2013

Latest Research on Online Video 1: Pew Online Video 2013

Three research reports on aspects of video/TV viewing and use have been released recently.

The Pew Internet & American Life Online Video 2013 report is out, and shows not only increased viewing of online videos, but increased and more widespread posting of videos.  They also released a video discussing their findings.
For text lovers, here's some highlights:
  • The proportion of US adult internet users who have uploaded or posted videos has doubled in the last four years (to 31%).  27% report they did so to share the video with others, and 18% said they have posted videos that they created.  Posting videos online is more widespread among younger users (41% of 18-29 age group, 36% of 30-49, 18% of those 50 or older)
  • The proportion of US adult internet users who watch or download videos continues to increase, with 78% reporting they do so.  72% have used video-sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo, 56% watch videos from social networking sites or on mobile apps, and 36% have downloaded videos onto a computer or mobile device for later viewing.
  • Comedy and educational videos remain among the most widely-viewed genres (57% have watched comedy/humorous videos, 50% have watched educational vids) but gains in viewing have brought how-to videos (56%) and music videos (50%) to similar levels.
  • There are demographically based differences in online video use.  Young adults are heavy users of music videos (80%), comedy videos (82%), and animation (47%).  Men are much more likely than women to watch sports videos (49% to 20%), political clips (40% to 30%), and porn (25% to 8%).
  • Social media sites and the proliferation of phones with video capabilities have spurred the increase in video uploading by making it easy to shoot and post videos.  71% of those who post online have done so on a social media site, and 40% report they have used their phones to record videos.  Specialized apps for recording and sharing videos, such as Vine, are starting to make inroads, with 23% of those posting videos indicating that they have used such apps.
Source  - Online Video 2013, a report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project

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