Thursday, October 10, 2013

Latest Research on Online Video 3: Magid Connected Culture report

Three research reports on aspects of video/TV viewing and use have been released recently.

A nationwide study from Frank N. Magid Associates characterizes the role of mobile devices as "the beating heart of content and commerce."   Perhaps a bit of hyperbole, but the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, and the increased availability of compelling high-quality content is certainly impacting, and shifting, audience viewing behaviors.  The audience for mobile TV and video is there - the report finds 74% of U.S. "mobile consumers" have a smartphone, and 52% use tablets. 71% of tablet viewers, and 45% of smartphone viewers, now watch long-form TV, movies, and sports content on their devices.

Perhaps the most striking indication of that shift is the finding that digital and mobile devices are becoming the dominant source of entertainment for the 18-34 age group: smartphones/tablets account for 35%, PCs/laptops at 34%, while traditional television trails at 21%.
"Consumers have made the clear leap into mobile long-form," says Andrew Hare, Magid Research Director. "Beyond just TV and traditional video consumption, however, the visual culture has taken over with the growth of Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Vine showing consumers increasingly prefer to communicate through images and video."
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The Heartbeat of Connected Culture - Magid Smartphone and Tablet Study 2013

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