Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NY Times: A third of Millenials don't do "TV"

Research done by the New York Times finds that a third of young adults (aged 30 & under) "watch mostly online/no broadcast TV."  The study asked some 4000 "online video users" about their media and news consumption. Traditional TV viewing, like newspaper reading, seems to be declining across generations - the proportion of those giving the "online/no broadcast" response fell to 20% among Gen Xers, and 10% among Boomers. 

I should note that this was a nonrandom sample of a subset of US adults, and so the resulted are probably not representative, although the patterns of responses within the sample can be insightful.

The study had some other interesting news on the journalism front.  More than a quarter of the sample (28%) listed news sites as among their favorite video sites, and more than a third (35%) indicated that they had increased the amount of time spent on news/current events.  There was also a significant preference in the sample for "reading" news rather than watching news videos.

Among the various reasons offered for getting news videos or reading news stories, news videos outperformed reading in only one - "To be entertained." (50% to 14%)

In contrast, respondents preferred to read about news -

"To get news right away" (43% to 23%)
For a "complicated news story" (46% to 19%)
"For clarity" (51% to 12%)
To get "fuller/more complete story" (53% to 12%)
For a "balanced view" (39% to 10%)
For "accurate & trustworthy news" (43% to 8%)

Source -  Third of millennials watch mostly online video or no broadcast TV,  Poynter

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