Monday, September 30, 2013

TV News Crews target in SF

In what everyone in the industry hopes isn't a trend, several local TV news crews in San Francisco have been targeted by thieves.  In several separate incidents in recent years, strong-arm robbers have targeted local TV news crews, demanding cameras, computers, and other equipment.  In one incident, thieves grabbed the camera off the tripod during a live report, before punching the reporter in the face and then speeding off in a Mercedes.  In several cases, robbers brandished guns.  Many stations have taken to hiring private guards.  In the most recent attack, the guard shot one of the two attempted robbers, leading to arrests when the shooting victim later showed up at a local hospital.

TV crews haven't been the only victims - still photographers have had cameras and lenses stolen, and print reporters have had laptops and briefcases stolen while the reporters were using them in their cars.

Violence against journalists seems to be on the rise internationally, but in most cases its due more to opposition to their coverage than opportunities for theft.

Source -  San Francisco Bay Area TV news crews hit by spate of brazen robberies, the Guardian

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