Monday, September 23, 2013

Screen Jumping Study

A study of cross-media behaviors by Jumptap is providing some initial glimpses of how people multitask and move from one type of device/screen to another.  The study combines large sample analytics on online behaviors (from comScore) with intensive interviews and media use tracking of a sample of 10 "three-screen" users (PC, smartphone, tablet).

The comScore data provides a number of insights on overall multiscreen usage.
  • Time spent online has almost doubled since 2010
  • Roughly two-thirds of online adults are multi-platform 
  • Women 25-49 are the demographic group most likely to be on mobile platforms
  • People are beginning to tailor their online uses to individual devices (i.e., using specific devices at particular times, or for particular uses).
In particular, smartphones are used consistently throughout the day, PCs dominate during working hours, and tablets dominate evening and nighttime use.  Type of use also varies significantly. Smartphones account for more than have the time listening to music or radio streaming (77%), info on technology (64%), social media (58%), and weather info (55%). PCs get have the online time for a variety of information gathering (automotive, business/finance, general news, health, food).  No tablet usage topped half of the total time online, but that's due in part to its much lower current level of penetration.  The highest share of tablet usage are with games (34%), watching online video (20%) and lifestyle and shopping info.

Source - Screen Jumping Study,  Jumptap press release

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