Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Milepost - The Economist notes 170th anniversary.

British news magazine (newspaper) The Economist is marking the 170th anniversary of the first edition, published Sept. 2, 1843.  One way it's doing so is by explaining itself through a series of blog posts under the rubric of "The Economist explains."

Among the posts -
  • How does The Economist choose what to cover? (a fairly standard gatekeeping/editorial process)
  • Why does The Economist call itself a newspaper?  (they see themselves as trying to be more comprehensive in coverage than most magazines, so they call themselves a "comprehensive weekly newspaper for the world")
  • Is The Economist left- or right- wing?  (It claims to be neither, but is pro-free enterprise and pro-individual freedom.  A sort of libertarian perspective, although they prefer the label "classically liberal")

Not as big a splash as Vanity Fair, but then again it's not a centenary. But 170 years is not a milepost to ignore.

Source -  How does The Economist choose what to cover?,  The Economist explains

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