Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Infographic: Tablets and TV Viewing

Some key points from a research study by YuMe.com and IPG Media Lab.

Tablet users watch videos on their tablets beyond the home.  While 100% of tablet video viewers reported doing so at home, 66% also reported doing so while on vacation, 36% did so at a friend's home, 22% watched videos while commuting, 22% watched at work, and 13% watched while at a restaurant or bar.
Two thirds (65%) reported watching more than an hour a day.  They reported watching for a longer time on weekends than weekdays.
Those surveyed reported a very slightly lower likelihood of multitasking while watching videos on tablets than through other devices (to be precise, 85% reported multitasking while watching videos on tablets, compared to 86% using cell phones, 87% using PCs to watch videos, and 97% who watched on TVs.)
The number one multitasking distraction across all devices was eating, while the number two was tied to primary device characteristics.

Watching video on TVs is typically a group activity (only 5% report that they usually/always watch videos alone on TV sets), while tablet viewing is more solitary (33% report usually/always watching videos on tablets while alone).

Sources -  Is the Tablet the ULTIMATE Video Viewing Device? Infographic from YuMe.com

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