Sunday, June 3, 2012

Online Video Continues to Grow

A report from Cisco indicates that nearly 800 million people watched online videos last year, and that number will nearly double by 2016.  And nearly all of those people are expected to increase their use of online videos over time.  In 2016, Cisco's annual Visual Networking Index predicts, 1.5 billion people will generate the equivalent of 1.2 million minutes of video traffic per second.
  The report also suggests that by 2016, more than half of data traffic will flow over Wifi, and that average broadband speeds will increase fourfold, to 34 Mbps.  The growing diffusion and use of tablet, smartphones, and other mobile devices will increase the demand for network connectivity - with an expected 18.9 billion network connections in 2016 (with an average of around 2.5 connections for each person of earth).  Total global data traffic is predicted to reach 1.3 zettabytes per year in 2016 (a zettabyte is a billion terabytes.
  Online video traffic will continue to be driven through a broad range of devices, with mobile video traffic growing sixteen-fold in four years, and HD streams to TV sets increasing sixfold.  HD streaming of movies and TV programs alone will account for 6% of global internet traffic.

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