Monday, June 25, 2012

Fulltime 3D channel out at DirecTV

A while back, DirecTV had partnered with Panasonic to launch a trio of 3D channels, one of which promised to be full-time (24/7) channel carrying nothing but 3D programming.  However, it seems that DirecTV had trouble obtaining enough 3D programming to fill the 168 hours/week a full-time channel required.
"While 3D adoption continues to grow and more programming is being developed, DirecTV has decided to move n3D to a part-time channel," DirecTV said in a statement. The company noted that it still offers subscribers 3D programming from ESPN and 3net, the 3D channel owned by Discovery Communications, Sony and IMAX.
With a few exceptions, interest in producing 3D content for television seems to have declined.  Still, promoters are hopeful that advances in glasses-free 3D displays and ESPN's plan to shoot its 2014 NFL games in 3D will help to revive consumer interest in 3D.

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