Saturday, June 2, 2012

A new report by IAB Europe suggests that the online advertising market in Europe is now worth about 21 billion euros annually.  In the most recent media consumption study, MediaScope Europe, more than 427 million Europeans access the Internet through one or more of four types of devices - computers, mobile, tablets, and game consoles.  However, there remain significant regional differences in the levels of Internet access and use - Western and Northern European countries have significantly higher penetration levels than the Southern countries and Central & Eastern Europe.
medias 427 million Europeans are now online, 37% uses more than one device: IAB

  The study also suggests that Europeans are adept at accessing traditional media content through the Internet.  More than 90% of Internet users report reading news online, 73% have watched TV online, and two-thirds report listening to the radio online.  Almost half report using the Internet while watching TV, and a third say that the activity is related to the program (and advertising) they're watching.
Alison Fennah, Vice President of Research and Marketing for IAB Europe comments, “It’s no longer appropriate or sensible to think of ‘using the internet’ as a specific and isolated activity. The ever-wider variety of devices that people use to access online content and the degree to which they do this while using other media shows the deep level of engagement consumers have with the internet today. 
What we see from the 2012 research is how the internet is being used together with traditional media – consumers aren’t rejecting one media platform over another, rather they are using multiple devices to enjoy a huge variety of media, either with their full attention or shared."
  Again, we're seeing the beginning of new patterns of media use, along with new media forms and markets.

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