Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Advice from young journalists

I've been a fan of Susannah Breslin's Pink Slipped blog on ForbesWomen, which often features stories and advice on how to survive in the modern journalism job market.  About a year ago, she offered young female journalists an opportunity to be paid for contributing a blog post/article.  Last week, she reached out to the six finalists to find out what they've learned in the year since, and what advice they might have for other young would-be journalists beginning their careers.  Here's the quips Breslin pulled out, but the whole set of replies and post are worth a read.
  • "There is no zenith" - as you reach your goals, keep setting newer and higher ones.
  • "Change as you go" - be willing to adapt to take advantage of opportunities.
  • "Have your bags packed" - take measured risks, and be ready to move (there's generally more and better opportunities available elsewhere)
  • "Be the Jack Kerouac of the digital age" - "forget the path you have been sold and make your own"
  • "Everyone has their own parents' basement to move out of" - get out of whatever rut you're in.
  • "I must always demand what I want in order to get where I want" - (from a young Muslim woman in the Middle East) - don't wait for opportunities to present themselves; make your own opportunities and learn how to sell your ideas.
Source -  Six Young Female Journalists, One Year Later, Forbes

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