Monday, June 4, 2012

Is Tumblr for TV?

In a lengthy post on Lost Remote,  Nathan Edelsburg recalled his earlier post on how TV could utilize the Tumblr microblogging and social network service to generate social buzz, as well as to get a glimpse at audience reactions to their content.  Now, with Tumblr passing the milestones of 50 million blogs and 20 billion blog posts, he took another look at where Tumblr fits into the emerging social TV landscape.
  Tumblr itself is partnering with the creative people in the TV industry, according to Tumblr's Director of Partnership Development, Rachel Webber. The goal of partnerships is to "help them translate the really great things they do every day and the stories they want to tell to a form that resonates with the Tumblr audience."  Pointing to successes like HBO's Game of Thrones site (dedicated to fan art) and BBC America's Doctor Who blog (collects and redistributes fan fiction and fan art), Webber talked about the opportunity to connect with fans, and foster greater engagement with them.  But she also warned that Tumblr was different, with a strong focus on creativity and interaction, rather than a straightforward promotional site.
  The whole post is worth a read, but my uptake is that Tumblr is most effective at fan engagement - particularly with the active fan who explores a program's universe and creatively contributes to it.

Source -  How TV can leverage Tumblr for social buzz and analysis,  Lost Remote

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