Monday, February 27, 2012

Sports and Social Media

GMR Media's created an interesting infographic on Sports and Social Media.
Clearly, sports fans are embracing social media as an outlet for sharing their thoughts and loyalties.  Further, unlike virtually any other medium, social media allows teams and players to reach out directly to fans.  It's such a natural fit that Twitter has even set up an official profile, @TwitterSports, to provide users with the latest in sports news and gossip.

As for the infographic, here's some of the highlights:
  • People are 10 times more likely to use social media for breaking sports news than sports radio
  • 81% of sports fans prefer the Internet as their source for sports news
  • Sports fans will use social media for sports info at work (86%), at parties (74%), at meals (69%), and in the bathroom (58%).  Not even church services are sacrosanct (9%).
  • Sports fans go social at games (63%), while watching (83%) or listening (30%) to a game, and during pre- and post-game coverage (61%)
  • There's not a lot of strong opinions yet about getting promotional or advertising messages from athletes among your sports feed.  (9% Love it, 8% Hate it)


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  2. To me, this makes tons of sense. For starters, the graphic said that people are 10 times more likely to use social media for breaking sports news than sports radio. I would venture to guess that this is because it's so much easier to break it via Twitter than FM. Because we now have online access at our fingertips, once we find out something is broken, we can immediately tweet it out or send it through another online forum. Radio is much more difficult.

    Again, we see that the Internet is the preferred outlet for people getting their sporting news. It's easier. It's more accessible. And it's shorter. A quick tweet will allow us 15 seconds to read without waiting for the results. A radio or TV station may take longer and you may not have direct access to either one of those things.

    Social media and sports news just makes sense. The way that reporters live-blog during games and how rapid tweets fly is just a small part of the future of what online journalism and sports looks like.

  3. I completely agree with Wes, in that it makes sense for journalists to highly utilize social media to spread the latest updates. Social media reaches a much larger demographic than radio news. Moreso, that same larger demographic is the up and coming market that journalists want to make loyal "followers."

    Also, it not only serves as a news outlet for journalists, but also a news source. Writers can get inside analysis from players or coaches, and get their story out, simple and to the point, in more or less than 140 characters. With this 2-in-1 medium, it makes perfect sense for sports writers to use this to their ultimate benefit.

  4. I agree with Wes as well because i know when I'm watching a game or at a game i usually will first go to my twitter or Facebook and update scores or try and find scores to a game. Twitter and Facebook is just so popular that most people updates scores or news information on these websites. As he said the internet is more accessible because no a days phones are now made into tis, radios and everything all in one. You can anything on a smart phone these days and thats why people ant stop buying them or upgrading. Even reporters and what not are the main ones updating social media sites and their twitters and what not. great topic.