Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ad Revenues Recovering, Globally

A new report from WARC notes that advertising revenues are growing, both in the US and globally.  It reported that scores on it's monthly "Global Marketing Index" - which looks at what marketers intend to spend on advertising and promotion - showed increases in most global market areas.
  In the U.S., the index jumped 10%, from a level of 56.5 in January, to 62.9 in February.  The Asia index had a 2.6 point rise, to an February index mark of 56.0, and the European index gained 1.6 points, to 52.0.
  The increases are a welcome sign for media outlets dependent on advertising as their preeminent revenue source.

Source -  U.S. Leading Global Ad Recovery: Data Shows Europe, Asia StabilizingMediaDailyNews

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  1. This data is backed up by recent findings of the World Economics Sales Managers Index at