Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Barbie goes Online, Gets Augmented (Reality)

Barbie's got a brand new marketing campaign as part of its 50th birthday celebrations. 

  On the glitz side, Barbie installed the "ultimate Dream Closet" as part of Fashion Week in New York.  This ultimate Barbie accessory was 24 feet tall, with jewel-encrusted doors leading into the two-story, 9,000 square foot closet.  The closet also featured its own 'magic mirror' which used augmented reality to let users see how they'd look in many of Barbie's most glamourous outfits.
   Another part of that is the launch of a new, more globally focused web destination,  The site will include a more basic version of the augmented reality mirror, using Zugara's Webcam Social Shopper platform.  It's also partnering with popular social media sites such as Polyvore, Pinterest, and Rent the Runway, "so that girls can create and shop for real-life looks on the site."
  Aside from the interesting application of augmented reality, and seeing how Barbie's following the trend towards increasing interactivity, social media and engaging with your audience, I foresee some interesting questions emerging in terms of privacy and encouraging preteens to shop online.

Source - Barbie's Augmented Reality Dream Closet Let's You Try on Her Most Famous

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