Friday, February 10, 2012

Net status report

The latest research report from GlobalWebIndex continues to show strong growth potential across a range of Web services and devices.  The survey, based on a sample of 40,000 Internet users in 27 countries, shows strong and continued growth in social media use and e-commerce applications, as well as the continued dominance of Google across a growing range of services (85% of Internet users around the world report using one or more Google services at least monthly).
  On the social media front, the recent report should that 60% of the sample managed a social media profile at least monthly, a significant improvement from 2009 (when only 36% used social media at least once a month).  However, the survey also showed that Facebook seems to have reached a saturation point in mature markets, with their growth in subscribers being driven by expansion into markets like India, Indonesia, and Brazil.  This survey also suggested that while remaining active, there's a small decline in the frequency of social media activities, particularly in the U.S.
  E-commerce usage is also growing, with 59% of the global sample purchasing something online in the last month.  Adoption and use of e-commerce applications remains centered in more heavily developed markets, at least for now.

Source - Internet Growth, e-Commerce Expands GloballyOnline Media Daily

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