Friday, August 23, 2013

Radio goes mobile

An agreement between Sprint and a group of leading radio broadcasters has taken radio mobile (again).  This time, its on/through your smartphone.  Sprint will offer the NextRadio app on those devices that are FM-enabled (includes an FM receiver on a chip integrated into device hardware). 

  The NextRadio app will allow enabled smartphones to receive and play local radio station signals.  Those stations that register with the system can have logos and other information displayed, and related social media links displayed on the phone while listening to the station.  Eventually, the app hopes to be able to match listener habits with highly targeted advertising delivered to the phone.  A promo for the app and service can be seen here.

  The advantage that NextRadio will have over traditional streaming radio (though iHeart, Pandora, and others) is that the radio signal will not count against your service plan, as it uses regular radio broadcast signals rather than data streams.  That is, if your smartphone is FM-enabled.  So far, only two recently-released smartphones from HTC include the FM chip and NextRadio app.

Source  -  Radio Industry Delivers FM-enabled Smartphone App to Consumers,  Broadcast Newsroom

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