Monday, August 19, 2013

Network Website Most Usable

A report from Web research firm Change Sciences Group suggests that major networks' websites were among the most user-friendly of video streaming sites.  CSG used their proprietary metrics to measure the ease of finding specific episodes, user engagement, and conversion.  In those measures, Hulu and Netflix rated significantly more poorly.
  (Anecdotally, as a user of both Hulu and Netflix, I'll agree that navigating their sites can be frustrating, particularly on mobile devices and through set-top boxes.  The visual interface is nice, and Netflix's recommendation system is a plus when you're looking for something to watch, but finding something specific can be a hassle.  But their real strength is the vast range of content available - something that does make search a bit more problematic.)
  On the down side for the networks, the research showed that the network websites didn't do very well when it came for finding out about new shows, show schedules, or when a new season of episodes is starting.

Surprise: Network TV sites out-web Web OTT giants, Broadcast Engineering

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