Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Comm Tower on One World Trade

There's a new broadcast tower in New York, at the top of One World Trade Center.  The new One World Trade Center is North America's tallest building, topping out at 1776 feet.
Instead of a flat rooftop on which to place two-way radio antennas, the configuration at the base of One World Trade Center spire includes three "Communications Rings". This space will allow us to place many antennas on each level, depending on operation. Satellite down-links, ENG, RPU, point-to-point microwave (fixed and steerable), two-way radio antennas, fixed and steerable cameras, relay links, etc. are just a few of the types of communication equipment that will be atop the building.
The exact configuration of broadcast and radio signals will be determined after the FCC's proposed "repacking" of broadcast frequency assignments and spectrum grab, and the subsequent spectrum auctions.

Source - Re-establishing One World Trade Center as a Major Communications Hub in NYC, TV TechCheck

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