Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hulu+: 3 Bids Over $1 Billion

News reports are indicating that at least three of the bidders for video streaming service Hulu+ are offering $1 Billion or more in the current round of bids.  One is identified as DirecTV.

Hulu+ currently has more than 4 million subscribers and generates around $700 million annually from subscriptions and ad revenues.

The new bid level is certainly more welcome than those obtained in 2011 - when Hulu+ owners News Corp, Disney, and Comcast first put the service up for sale, only to back off when bids didn't approach the amount they wanted.  Of course, the problem then was the unwillingness of the owner group to guarantee long-term access to their programming.  It's not clear what kind of commitments they might be willing to give prospective bidders this time around, but the increase in bids is at least partly a reflection of the growing success of subscription video streaming services and market.

Source -  DirecTV, two others bid over $1 billion for Hulu: source,  Broadcast Newsroom

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