Sunday, June 9, 2013

MSNBC: "Not a News Network"

MSNBC's recent ratings tumble (down 20% from last year) brought out an interesting response from the channel's President, Phil Griffen.  He suggested that MSNBC really didn't do breaking news, saying "Our brand isn't that."

So what is the brand?  The network's tagline identifies it as "The Place for Politics," with a heavy skew towards left-wing and "progressive" political talk.  Which kind of explains why its coverage of the 2012 Presidential race went 90/10 for Obama in terms of stories, and 99% of its Romney coverage was negative (according to Pew's analysis).

Perhaps they'd do better with real news.

Source -  Devoted to Politics, MSNBC Slips on Breaking News, New York Times

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