Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taking Content Mobile

A study of the top 100 media publications in the U.S. shows 84% reaching out to mobile readers through some combination of mobile apps or websites optimized for mobile.  Newspapers are leading the way, with 86% having a mobile site, and 92% having one or more smartphone apps.  Consumer magazines were the least likely to have mobile websites (44%), but 62% had at least one type of smartphone app.  Bloggers were more likely to have mobile versions of their websites (64%), with less than 40% having dedicated mobile apps.
On the smartphone side, iPhone apps dominated, with twice as many media having iPhone apps than Android apps (Blackberry was a close third among newspapers, but a distant third for consumer magazines and blogs.)  Interestingly, media have been somewhat slow to monetize mobile services - most blog and consumer magazine mobile websites carry no advertising, nor do a quarter of newspaper sites.
The study also looked at mobile content, finding a focus on providing current and breaking news, leaving traditional items such as features and editorials to print and online properties.

As an interesting side note, the study showed that while U.S. media outlets have been quick to embrace mobile opportunities, only 11% of some 719 UK print media titles had mobile websites.

Sources: "Mobile Media Marketing", Research Brief from the Center for Media Research
Press release on study

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