Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Privacy News

The Digital Advertising Alliance has added two of the larger groups representing ad agencies to a group working on the creation of privacy standards for Online Behavioral Advertising.  The centerpiece and public face of the effort is the "Advertising Option" icon, which will be included in or with online ads, indicating participation in the program (and hopefully, adherence to the industry's self-imposed standards about privacy in the collection and use of online behavioral data).
Participation in the privacy standards program creates certain responsibilities on the part of various parts of the online advertising industry.  For media and creative agencies, it means identifying what parts of the campaign incorporates online behavioral advertising, and ensuring a place to insert the icon and/or links to systems allowing users to opt-out.  For ad networks and advertisers, it means an agreement to abide by the standards, providing an opt-out option and complying with user opt-out requests.

It's a good sign that the industry has recognized and is addressing the issue of privacy, as the Internet offers abundant opportunity to amass data on its users.
I wish the program success.

Source: "Digital Ad Alliance Creates Privacy Rules for Online Ads", Online Media Daily
Website for the "Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising."

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