Monday, January 27, 2014

Nielsen offloads LinkMeter project

When Nielsen acquired Arbitron, one potential regulatory roadblock was Arbitron's LinkMeter and its Project Blueprint collaboration with comScore and ESPN.  The Project was an effort to develop a cross-platform audience measurement system to compete with Nielsen's independent efforts in that area.   With some fearing that Nielsen would just shutter this potential competition, the FTC indicated that Nielsen would need to commit to market the LinkMeter technology to all comers in order to have the merger pass anti-trust review.

Nielsen seems to have gone one step further, announcing recently that it will divest itself of the LinkMeter system by selling it to comScore - one of the original collaborators and Nielsen's strongest competition in online media metrics.  The move should keep the efforts to develop a consensus crossplatform metric competitive for the time being.

Source -  Nielsen Finalizes Agreement To Sell Arbitron LinkMeter To comScore, Fulfills, FTC Antitrust Order,  Media Daily News

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