Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jobs Trend - Editor Out, Content Marketing In

The publishing industry is among the latest feeling the impact of the digital transformation tsunami.  This has a lot of industry professionals thinking about changing careers.  Max Kalehoff, writing in OnlineSPIN, suggests that the growing demand for people with writing and editing skills in the marketing industry is attracting interest from those in the print publishing world.
These career-changers are coming from all sides of publishing, including editorial, sales, research and circulation, and from all levels of experience, from the C-suite down to college students whose only internships were in publishing. Some of them work at the world’s largest publishers facing restructuring, while others are in relatively stable roles at niche publishers and see an opportunity to redeploy their talents.
The change is also being seen in the job postings on job websites and retrieved through search engines.  The number of postings containing the key words "Publishing" or "Editor" has plummeted to half the level of four years ago. 
On the other hand, postings using "Content Manager" keywords have doubled over the same time period, and currently outnumber postings using either "Publishing" or "Editor".
Use of the "Content Strategist" keyword was negligible four years ago, but today there are more job postings for "Content Strategist" than "Editor."

With more conduits for content, there is an increasing need for those who find creative ways to identify, publicize, and promote new uses for content.  In other words, "content strategists" and "content managers."  Kalehoff suggests there's growing opportunity within the marketing field for people who "command written words and storytelling," and with "skills in syndication and audience building."  As the media world becomes increasingly multiplatform, there will be opportunity for those who can develop and exploit these new channels for content distribution, whether within traditional publishing, or within marketing.

Source -  Publishing Industry's Turbulence Create Surge of Talent for Marketers,  OnlineSPIN

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