Wednesday, December 12, 2012

For Fun - IT One-Liners & Web Resource

From a short slideshow of IT cartoons -

The Evolution of Technology One-Liners  (from Tina Sieber)

"If at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0"
"CAPS LOCK - Preventing Login Since 1980"
"To err is human - and to blame it on a computer is even more so."
"Artificial Intelligence usually beats real stupidity."

"There are only 10 types of people in the world: those that understand binary and those that don't."

Feel free to share your own in the comments.

While I'm at it, I stumbled across a neat site that points to "Cool Websites, Software, and Internet Tips" - that's worth checking out.

Source - Geek Humor,  from Citrix.

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