Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cable - Still Slip-sliding Away

U.S. cable operators continue to lose video subscribers, at a rate of about 3% per year.  2012 will mark the ninth consecutive year of subscribership decline for their base TV programming options.  Initially, the decline resulted from a shift to DBS (satellite) competitors; some of the continued losses are similarly likely due to growing competition from telco-based multichannel video distributors (Verizon's FiOS, AT&T's U-verse, and (just starting) Google's Giganet).  Some, though, is a reflection of the growth of cord-cutting - people deciding that over-the-air broadcasts and the growing availability of quality video streamed on the Internet is sufficient in these difficult economic times.
  Still, reinforcing some comments from big cable MSO's lately, using the cable infrastructure to deliver other types of services continues to grow.  In the last quarter alone, cable companies picked up almost a million new data subscribers, and 276,000 voice subscribers (compared to a loss of 460,000 video subscribers).

Source -  Cable Operators Continue To Lose Video SubscribersMediaDailyNews

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