Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Exploring New Markets - YouTube takes to the skies

One of the benefits of the emerging digital economy is that it's opened up a lot of potentially new markets for content distribution.

YouTube's signed a deal with Virgin America airline to put a selection of its premium streaming content on flights throughout the U.S., starting Dec. 15.
“We’re inspired by the quality of content our creator community is developing for YouTube, and we’re excited to get it in front of people in new ways. Partnering with Virgin America is one way we’re doing this. We feel the innovation and energy of both the YouTube and Virgin America brands align well,’ says Danielle Tiedt, YouTube’s chief marketing officer.
For now, at least, the move is more of a promotional test than a fully commercial service. A limited number of shows from premium YouTube channels will be made available, without commercials. As one reporter quipped, "the impression that little YouTube programs are on an equal footing with networks or theatrical big releases—and that’s exactly the message (YouTube) wants to deliver."

   It's also a good starting strategy if YouTube wants to commercialize their services later.  As Chris Anderson suggests in Free, it can be useful when introducing a new product or exploring a new market to offer free sampling, so that people can test the waters and start forming their own thoughts about the content/service's value.

Whether short-term promo or long-term market development, it's good to see media outlets exploring potential new markets, and exploiting multiple revenue potentials for their content.  At least it's indicating that they're no longer trying to hold onto the old market structures and behaviors.

Source  -  YouTube Goes on a Trip,  Vidblog

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