Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Goin' Mobile: Boom in Interactive Video Ads

Vindico, an online video ad-serving platform, reported that it saw a huge increase in the number of interactive video spots its serving up.  In its second quarter report, Vindico indicated that it had served up a total of 12 billion video ads during the first half of 2012.  While the preponderance of online video ads come in the form of pre-rolls (ads shown before the desired content), some other online ad formats seem to be coming of age.  Vindico noted that while interactive video ads accounted for 2% of the total last year, by last June they accounted for 11% of all video ads delivered through their platform. Looking at their platform's analytics revealed some other interesting results -
  • The highest completion rates were found on full-episode-player sites (Hulu, CBS.com), where 93% of those exposed to the video ad watched the whole ad. Video portals (YouTube, Vevo), news sites, and business sites had completion rates around 83-84%, while lifestyle and general portal sites had completion rates in the 73-74% range.
  • Vindico also found that longer-form content saw higher completion rates (91%) than shorter ones (73%).
  • Video portals had the highest click-through rates at 1.75%; while the rates for all other sites was below 1%.
While interesting, and probably not too atypical, I should note that these results are only for the online video ad traffic from Vindico.

Source -  Report: Interactive Video Spots Grow Five-Fold in First Half of the YearVidBlog

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