Monday, December 5, 2011

Online Video Continues to Boom - Ads, Too

The latest comScore Video Metrix report found that American TV viewers are consuming an average of 21.1 hours of online video a month.  More than 86% of Web users watch online video at least once a month, consuming some 42 billion videos.  All are new highs.
But that's not the big news in the report.  In addition to those 42 billion videos, Americans viewed another 7.5 billion video ads in October, providing a strong foundation for the booming online video advertising market.  Video ads reached more than half (53%) of the total U.S. population an average of 47 times a month.
In terms of which sites people use to view online videos, the various Google sites (YouTube, GoogleTV, etc.) continue to dominate, reaching 161 viewers (87.5% of all those who watch online video) and accounting for almost half of all videos watched.  Facebook came in second (59.8 million unique viewers), followed by music video site Vevo (57 million)..

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