Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tech on the Edge

From a Popular Mechanics article on top tech terminology for 2013 -

Cognitive Radio - Not so much a new kind of radio, but a way of identifying and using the small bits and pieces of radio frequency available locally in order to push more data faster than current Wifi applications.  There's a test market that's using cognitive radio technology for mobile broadband and VoIP (Voice over IP) applications. 
Basically a smarter way to make more efficient use of small unused gaps in existing radio spectrum devoted to TV, radio, and other applications (known as white space) - and bypassing the problems inherent in needing to find and reserve a block of scarce spectrum for new services.  Could lead to a big boost in mobile broadband and TV Everywhere applications.

Targeted Tweets - Social media is public - and can be data mined.  This new "tech" refers to the ability of advertisers and others to automatically scan posts for key target audience elements, and then sent you highly targeted ads/offers.

IGZO Displays - replacing the flat back plane of current LCD displays with a printed iridium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) semiconductor on a flexible surface, you can get more pixels for your screen while using less electricity - so sharper images and longer battery life for mobile devices.  They're already getting more pixels per inch than Apple's retina displays.  Expect to see them available on smartphones later this year.

Single Board Computers - not quite a computer on a chip, but with standardized interfaces you can plug it into (or build it into) a digital TV, add a keyboard/mouse, some cheap memory (SD cards) and you're good to go (for about $25).  Maybe not so big a deal in the West, but it could finally make computing affordable and ubiquitous in the rest of the world..

Source - The 10 Tech Terms to Know in 2013, Popular Mechanics

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