Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nielsen US Consumer Media Usage Infographic

Officially, it's a report - but basically it's two infographics.

Some highlights:
  • TV still dominates in terms of time used
  • Among US TVHH, 86% have DVD player, 75% have HD sets, 56% have game cousoles, 52% have digital cable (33% have DBS (sat), 47% have DVR
  • 76% are active Internet users
  • Only 4% have a smart TV connected to the Internet, but 56% watch online videos
  • 56% of mobile subscribers have smartphones
  • 17% of "connected" users have an eBook reader
  • 16% of TVHH have tablets
  • 20% of the time people spend using computers is on social media/blogs - the next highest usage category is online games, at 8%, followed by email, at 7%.
  • Mobile device users spend the most time texting (14%) and on social networks (10%).  Almost half (46%) of consumers use mobile devices to access social media.
  • YouTube continues to dominate online video, with 136 million unique users in the U.S. - while Yahoo! and Vevo have just under 38 million unique users. 
Source -  Nielsen U.S. Consumer Usage Report, Nielsen  (may require registration)

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