Friday, January 4, 2013

Ready for the New Year?

I'm back from a bit of a break, but the ever-evolving world of journalism and media just kept piling up those changes.

Here's some highlights -

Nielsen bought out Arbitron (pending DOJ approval), further consolidating the broadcast ratings world.
 - Nielsen/Arbitron Deal Sparks Concerns Over Competition, Supply of Ad Market 'Currencies'MediaDailyNews

The latest ITU meeting ended without a formal Internet Governance treaty (see earlier posts), but it still seems on a rather contentious track.
  -  WCIT and Internet Governance: Harmless Resolution or Trojan Horse?CircleID

A Gannett paper in New York made the wrong kind of headlines by publishing gun permit owners names and addresses in an online searchable map, then doubled down after a wave of criticism from citizens and more ethical journalists.
 -  Where The Journal News went wrong in publishing names, addresses of gun ownersPoynter

Some digging by the Wall Street Journal found that one of the big Times Square digital billboards rents for $3.6 million a year, and the digital billboards for just one building (One Times Square) generates more than $20 million annually.
  -  Times Square Billboard Costs $3.6 Million a YearDigital Outsider

Several major cable MSOs are moving broadband data subscribers to usage-based pricing - putting data limits on standard subscription options and charging users for overages.  Expect heavy opposition from consumers (who increasingly have other service options) and streaming services.
  -  2012 Year In Review: Usage-based broadband launched by Comcast, Time Warner Cable, SuddenlinkFierceCable

One consumer survey found that 70% of gift-givers planned to purchase tablets for Xmas 2012, helping to feed the rapidly expanding mobile, e-content, and apps markets.
  -  Burn the Books: Make Way for E-Content, IGI-Global

The Season's Re-purposing Idea - The Seattle Times, which has a tradition of publishing "Pictures of the Year" in its weekly print magazine (and as a feature in its online photo galleries), is also making it available as an e-book for iPads.

  -  How the Seattle Times made an iPad book from its best photos of the year,  Poynter

I'll try to expand on a few of these and other news and changes that have piled up. 

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