Monday, February 18, 2013

Goin' Mobile: Impact on Movies

Results from the 2012 Nielsen NRG American Moviegoing report show that smartphone and tablet owners watch more movies in theaters, and spend more going to movies, than the average moviegoer.
  Tablet owners had the greatest impact, watching 20% more films over the course of a year, and spending 35% more on entertainment per month than the average U.S. consumer.  They were also 24% more likely to purchase movie tickets online, and 27% more likely to see a movie more than once.  Smartphone owners (now half of U.S. consumers) had similar, albeit smaller, impacts - watching 9% more movies.
  It's hard to attach causality to any one factor, but 30% of moviegoers said their decision to attend specific movies were influenced by comments coming from social networks.  Viewing previews remains the most-cited source of information, and mobile allows easy access to previews.
Kathy Benjamin, SVP, Nielsen NRG, noted that “As mobile connectivity continues to increase, (the film industry will) want to take advantage of the great avenue that social networks offer to connect directly with potential moviegoers.”
Mobile expands user's ability to access information, arguably making them better-informed consumers.  Or at least more accessible to marketing efforts.

  In general, the report didn't suggest a lot of shifts in the movie-going audience, which raises a central question in these kinds of research studies - did mobile cause more movie-going; or were the folks who went to more movies also likely to have and use mobile devices to find information on movies?

You can't be certain about what the actual causes are, but it's becoming clear from studies about mobile and various media, that the mobile-owning audiences are developing media use habits different from the average consumer.

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