Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Apple joins the OTT mini-bundlers

Apple has divulged some details on the new Apple TV service that it will offer next fall.  Like the recently initiated Sling-TV, the plan is to offer a small bundle of streaming channels to consumers with Apple TV OTT boxes (actually, and iOS device).  One big difference from Sling-TV is that the Apple plan will be anchored by live streams of most of the broadcast networks (NBC is not currently listed, allegedly because of a longstanding feud between Apple and Comcast).  Apple's bundle will likely be more expensive than Sling's as a result.  Like Sling-TV, Apple's bundle will include access to a Video-on-Demand library - there's talk that Apple wants to extend VOD access to other iTunes content, if it can get licensing deals in place.

For more on the Web/OTT bundling issue, see this earlier post.

Source: Apple Plans Web TV Service in Fall, Wall Street Journal

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