Thursday, December 5, 2013

More research on streaming, "TV Everywhere"

Three new industry research studies have come out further supporting the growth of alternative TV viewing and the concept of "TV Everywhere."
  • Data from FreeWheel has shown that authenticated "TV Everywhere" viewing has grown 217% over the last year.  (Authenticated viewing is viewing on displays through channel apps that authenticate viewer's subscription status)
  • The study also shows that long-form viewing is up 56%, led by scripted drama and sports.
  • The growth is being driven by mobile, with the share of online video ad viewing on mobile devices tripling over the last year.   Tablets were the fastest growing segment, with 365% increase.
  • A study released by Digitalsmiths suggests that 17% of U.S. and Canadian pay TV subscribers either trimmed or canceled pay TV services - just in the third quarter of 2013.  Another 34% said they thought about changing their pay TV service, while only 54% said they planned to keep their service.
  • A key factor in the sample's uncertainty - 39.3% said they were paying more for their pay TV service this year than last, and more than a fifth (21%) indicated that they were paying more than $150 a month for pay TV, Internet, and phone services (combined).
  • Nielsen reported that the number of viewers using alternative viewing options mostly continued to increase over the third quarter of 2013.  Those using time-shifting for at least some of their TV watching grew 11% - to 59% of the total US TVHH.  There was a 40% increase in the number watching TV through mobile devices (some 18.7% of USTVHH).  On the other hand, those who had watched TV through their computers in the past month fell slightly.

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