Monday, March 26, 2012

Sony adds flexibility to PS3 platform

Basic post contributed by Rachel Cade: -

Photo Editing on PlayStation 3?

You read that right. Sony announced today that it will launch photo editing software for the PlayStation 3 this week.  The software, called “PlayMemories Studio,” is launched in anticipation of the cloud component called “PlayMemories Online” which will be launched in the upcoming months.  The software allows users to manipulate photo stills directly on their gaming console.
   The software will be launched Tuesday in the US at the PlayStation Store and will retail for $18. There is a 30-day free trial available.


With internet connectivity, significant processing power and storage capacity, top gaming platforms have the power to engage in a lot of computer activities.  Traditionally, two limitations have limited development in this regard: first, the lack of a recording output option (not included in most platforms to discourage piracy of gaming software; and second, the limitations of game controllers as an interface (instead of mouse and keyboard).  The combination of the photo suite with coming Cloud external storage for the manipulated images addresses the first issue.  Hopefully, some creative options for interface will help with the second.
  Still, this announcement reflects the continued convergence of digital media across platforms and uses.
--Ben Bates


  1. I'm very curious to see how advanced the editing system will be. I see it becoming little more than Picnik on a gaming console, which would be fun, but limited. Most gamers are already technically advanced, so would a cheap lens/filter/pen editing software make them more likely purchase the software? To me, this software is aimed at teenagers (and those even younger) without dedicated photo editing software.

    -Josef Beal

  2. I agree with Josef. I think that this advancement in the Play Station 3 will gear towards a younger generation. It would be a more affordable software than say Adobe Photoshop. Then again, there are cheaper forms of software like the new Adobe Lightroom 4, so I'm not so sure how successful this photo editing software would be on PS3. I just don't see why gamers would be interested in a photo editing software. Is there a good market for this? If you're even slightly interested in photo editing software, it would be a lot easier to manage on a computer.

    Clara Reed

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  4. The PlayMemories Studio application has already been made available to the USA. It allows you to view photo or video content on the PS3. You will have the ability to organize, view, and edit content. Also, you can view the content on cameras, external hard drives, and other storage devices connected to a PS3 via a USB. You will not have to transfer the content over to the PS3 itself. Pretty cool application, but not worth me giving up on my 360.

    -Sheena Hunley

  5. I think this idea is really cool and will be very popular among young "gamers." I don't see how the editing could go very far, though, without a mouse. Advanced editing is difficult when it's not on a computer (think about your phone pictures...). So after you finish editing, what do you do with the edited stillframes? What is the point? Is it fun to share your gaming pictures with friends on Facebook? I'm not a gamer, so I don't understand why this would be fun. I do see young teens loving this idea (as long as Sony can figure out how to output the pictures).