Monday, May 11, 2015

A Survey of Research Results - Evolution of Video Marketplace

Finals are over, and there have been several rounds of industry research results to post.

From the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a survey of online video viewers. An earlier study suggested more than 85% of Internet users report having watched online video, and this 2014 study reports 59 million U.S. adults (24%) report watching online videos at least once a month.

  • The means of access is expanding - those reporting access via desktop or laptop remains steady at 72%, but use of connected TVs (56%), smartphones (56%), and tablets (48%) have doubled over the last two years.  ODV users who watch their programming on connected TVs primarily do so during Primetime hours, and half report watching considerably more ODV than they did last year.
  • Original Digital Video (ODV) is seen as having more original content, being more innovative, unique, edgy, and mobile than regular TV content, and the perception gap is increasing.  ODV is tied with Primetime TV as the preferred content type, and is significantly preferred over other regular TV genres (sports, news, daytime)
  • Young cord-cutters and cord-nevers say that having access to Original Digital Video (ODV) is an important factor in choosing not to have Pay TV. Most also report preferring ODV to conventional TV programming - including Primetime shows.
  • Social is increasingly integrated with Online Digital Video - use of social media to discover ODV has nearly doubled in the last 2 years (42% of ODV users), and ODV users are much more likely to have content-related social media interactions than Primetime viewers (55% vs. 39%).
Limelight Networks have released the 2015 edition of The State of Online Video.  Their key conclusion is that online video viewing is booming, and changing the television viewing experience. While there are a variety of demographic differences, younger viewers (Millennials) are driving the shift from traditional broadcast television to online video.
  • While most viewers report watching 4 hours or less of online video a week, the majority of Millennials watch 4 or more hours a week.
  • Cord-cutting is becoming a viable option.  Only 10% of those with a Pay service (Cable, DBS, Telco) say they'll stick with their service no matter what.  More than a third (38%), on the other hand, say that rising subscription prices could motivate them to cord-cut, and 30% indicated an interest in switching if the content they want becomes available online or over-the-air.
  • Variety in both content and viewing options are prime motivators for online video viewers. The increased availability (and use) of long-form video content online is a big factor in the increase in viewers and viewing time for online video.  Many online video users report owning and using multiple devices (beyond TV sets) for watching online videos.
  • Social media is facilitating and encouraging video sharing.  Some 15% of respondents report sharing video content via social media.

Sources -  2015 Original Digital Video Study, IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau)
The State of Online Video, CDN Limelight report (2015)

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